We are incredibly lucky to live in Northern California because we can venture out to some of the most spectacular beaches one day, and trek out to fresh, snowy mountains the next.
Jaclyn and Rob are such a brave and adventurous duo. They literally lived across the world from each other, Jaclyn in Texas and Rob in Australia, yet thanks to one night in Vegas, their worlds collided and they have been together ever since. They have a mutual love for snowboarding and for that reason decided that the winter wonderland mystique of Tahoe would be a perfect location for their engagement session.
Jaclyn woke up at 4am the morning of her session to get her hair and makeup done before heading out to Tahoe. We didn’t count on was the extreme, 35 mile per hour winds and the thick snowfall however. Despite the extreme weather conditions, these two were real troopers! While we stumbled and sunk through the deep snow, we laughed all the way, Jaclyn with purple fingers not complaining once. It is because of their dedication and light heartedness that we were able to capture some amazing images of the two of them in the wickedly beautiful, Tahoe winter.

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