If you want to see a couple who can instantly light up a room, look no further. Karen and Tony illuminated their elegant venue at Meadowood, in Napa Valley with their glowing love. To begin the day Tony walked out onto the lawn, eyes closed, eager to see his new bride for their first look. Karen waited patiently as she watched him approaching her.  As the couple looked into each other’s eyes you could feel the rush of happiness shared between them.  Karen was the perfect representation of a classic, beautiful bride, wearing a long lace, sweetheart cut wedding dress.

Tony’s daughter along with Karen’s three daughters made up the lovely group of bridesmaids, wearing graceful blush colored dresses in all different styles portraying their uniqueness. Karen graciously walked down the aisle to a live performance by The Rhythm Method 4. There is something magical about live music that brings out the best in people.

After cocktail hour the reception was held in a romantically dim lit room by hundreds of candles. Family and friends seized the intimate moment as they sat together along family-style dining tables. The night ended with speeches, creating tears and laughter which transitioned into letting loose on the dance floor. A live band was the right touch to finish off such a spectacular day. Congratulations Karen and Tony!!