Shiva and Ben combined their religions, lives and love for each other at San Francisco’s major landmark, City Hall. We were able to experience this very unique elopement ceremony held on the 4th floor of the North Gallery. Ben shared his Jewish traditions as well as Shiva sharing her Persian traditions. They blended together so well, I swear it was meant to be.

Underneath the chuppah, the two of them exchanged affectionate glances while circling each other 7 times. The excitement rose as each of them dipped a pinky in sweet honey and fed it to one another. The Rabbi’s offered them wine, blessing their marriage and they were happy to accept and taste from the glass. They held each other close, as the tallit wrapped around their bodies. You could tell that they didn’t want to let go. The ketubah needed signing so they had to release at some point. A mirror was present in the ceremony to represent light, honesty and purity within their souls. A shadder was heard as Ben broke the glass and then Mozel Tov with loud enthusiasm wishing good luck and congratulations.

The couple headed out to Lovers Lane in their classy Rolls Royce getaway car for some intimate portraits beneath the eucalyptus trees. Then over for a couple more romantic moments by the Golden Gate Bridge. This morning was forever memorable and we loved being apart of it. Mozel Tov you two!!