These days, one of the first things a couple does when they become engaged is plan their engagement session. Where? When? Who should we book as the photographer? What do we wear? All of those thoughts begin to flood the couples minds and it can become quite overwhelming. Yes, while engagement sessions are perfect for announcements, save the dates, and maybe even for a print or two to for Moms fridge but, think about years from now- when your kids or grandkids are looking through old photo albums and they come across your engagement photos. What will those images say about the two of you pre-marriage? The thought of having a hand in that moment, is a huge part in what fuels us to do our best to create images that truly represent our clients and who they were as a dating couple and we couldn’t love it more.

What would best represent you and your partner? What do you like to do together? Where do you two go spend your time? What kind of dates do you take each other on? What do you want to remember about this time in your lives?

For Alena and Bill’s session, I was beyond excited when they told me that they wanted to do a surf shoot at Windansea Beach in San Diego. Bill is an avid surfer who’s always wanted to get Alena in the water with a little lesson. When they told me that they wanted to combine a surf lesson with their engagement session I was over the moon. Their love, energy, and support for one another will most definitely shine through for that moment years down the line when their kids are digging through the pile of photos. To be a part of making that moment means the world to me.

See for yourself! What do you think their kids and grandkids will think about this adorable couple in their blissful, love-filled youth?