The team at Amanda Wei Photo is dynamic, outgoing and full of life! We have many years of experience working together at all different kinds of celebrations. From the tiniest elopement, to the largest multi-day cultural celebration- we have done it all! 

Every member of our team has a background in art theory, studio art, and design as well as professional photography. Amanda has personally trained every one of us to her high standards, and we have covered over 300 weddings together! We work together to create a timeless gallery of fine art for you to treasure forever, and we have a great time doing it.

Not only will we be there with our full kit of professional equipment, we are also highly skilled and experienced in working well with the rest of your vendors, making sure photography stays on time and your day goes smoothly, and ensuring you feel comfortable and happy in front of the camera! We can assist with posing, make people laugh, inspire joy and fun during your couples photos- and we can blend into the background and capture all of the natural, romantic and special moments. While we are working with you, you are the most important people in the world and we will go above and beyond to make sure you have a wonderful time working with us!



A lifelong fine artist, Amanda found her truest expression in capturing the unique love, beauty and artistry of weddings. A wedding is a unique moment in time, full of emotion, joy, and love. With an eye for emotional moments, timeless styling, clean and bright aesthetics, Amanda will capture the essence of your day in classic photos that you will treasure forever. 

Amanda studied studio art, photography and art history at the University of Santa Barbara. She went on to work as a photojournalist for Santa Barbara News Press, and Santa Barbara Independent Magazine. After a few exciting years, Amanda was sure that the best expression of her artistic soul came from capturing the beauty of love- through portraits, couples shoots, and wedding days. Her love of fashion, aesthetics, history and fine art all came together, and now she is is living the dream- taking gorgeous photographs of unique and precious moments every day.

Her well rounded background in fine art is evident in every impeccably composed photo that Amanda takes. Her eyes are trained for beauty, symmetry, aesthetics, and details. She will bring a journalistic style to your day, and capture all of the most important moments as well as the tiny, unexpected ones. 

When you receive your gallery from Amanda, you will have the whole story of your day- how it felt, the unique details that made it yours, intimate and lovely moments between the couple that can be treasured for many years to come, and fun and laughter of family and friends having a great time at the party! The gallery will be beautifully composed, classical and timeless, with beautiful, dreamy, realistic colors. 

Her experience as a journalist and international photographer has prepared Amanda to blend seamlessly into any situation. She has experience with many different traditions, cultures, and religious ceremonies. She has flawlessly documented everything from the most intimate mini wedding, to the most lavish and complicated celebration. She has experience in many different cultural traditions and cultural fusion weddings, and has photographed no less than two NFL players' weddings, as well as the President of the United States, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Queen of Morocco! But no matter what, on your wedding day, her focus is you. What makes you special and unique, your dreams and desires, and how to best capture the love, joy and beauty of your day so you can treasure those memories for many years to come.


Rachel has been a treasured member of Amanda Wei Photography since 2015. Her spunky, outgoing personality helps even the shyest clients open up and be themselves in front of the camera. With a passion for adventure, Rachel loves traveling to destination weddings worldwide and meeting diverse couples, families and guests along the way.

Rachel is excellent at multi-tasking. Every couple she meets is impressed with her ability to make portraits look candid, warm and relaxed. Rachel is spontaneous and vibrant; she loves craft cocktails, swimming in lakes, and singing anywhere she can. She hopes to one day run (and win!) the Amazing Race so that she can see even more of the world.

Rachel received her photography degree in 2010 from the Art Institute of California in Hollywood, and has not stopped making magic since! She grew up in Ventura County but now is a proud resident of Oakland, with one roommate and two cats — Stevie and Etta James.


Originally from Washington state, she's a UC Berkeley graduate who's had a passion for photography since childhood. Inspired by her father's work as a natural landscape photographer for magazines and books, Eliza developed an unwavering love for the outdoors.

What sets Eliza apart is her exceptional ability to connect with people, making couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. She believes that the beauty of nature provides the perfect backdrop for capturing your special day. Eliza's goal is to document your unique love story, preserving genuine moments and emotions. With her behind the lens, you can trust that your wedding memories will be beautifully and authentically captured.

Eliza Scheer


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