Story Behind      Moments

In the heart of their beloved city, San Francisco natives Sarah and Eddie celebrated their timeless union against the iconic backdrop of the city. Choosing the majestic Legion of Honor Art Museum for their ceremony, the classic elegance of the venue mirrored the couple's deep-rooted connection to their hometown.

The celebration unfolded with special moments captured on the terrace, where the city's skyline perfectly blended with the Golden Gate Bridge, the grand symbol of the city. Sarah's joyous laughter and Eddie's radiant smile echo through each frame, painting a picture of a day steeped in tradition and grace.

As the sun set over the bay, their vows resonated against the city lights, affirming a love as enduring as the historic landmarks surrounding them.

The magic of Sarah and Eddie's wedding day served as a testament to the timeless beauty of a classic San Francisco celebration.


from the bride & Groom:

I can honestly say it's the best photography experience I've ever had. I would choose Amanda over and over again for our wedding.

"Amanda and her team are the BEST!! She made us- the most photo awkward couple ever- feel totally comfortable and confident, and captured beautiful engagement and wedding photos- more than we could have ever hoped for! I had a lot of visions for what I wanted, and she worked with me, never making me feel like something was too much or unattainable."

- Tjisca & Mark